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What is a perfect GAME:

We automatically think of “playing” when we hear the word “games.” Games can also be translated as “fun.” But, exactly, what is a perfect game? Any action that gives pleasure to the mind or entertains us is defined as a game. Games are commonly associated with children, but they can also be enjoyed by teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Games have been a source of joy and entertainment for humans since the beginning of time. Games are a very essential part of everyone’s life.


Games are helpful to a person’s mental and physical fitness and are entertaining for both the mind and the body. Everyone has fond memories of watching video games as a kid. Some games required the use of toys, while others depend heavily on the player’s imagination. Some games have their own set of rules that must be followed at all times. Boys like a variety of games, whilst girls choose popular girl games.

Games have been a source of fun and entertainment for humans since the beginning of time. Games are the portal to fun for individuals of all ages, not just children. People used to play physical games like hiding and seek and rabbit hunts when they were younger.

Games have a significant impact on children’s mental and physical well-being. Increased blood flow may be aided by engaging in physical activity. Circulation maintains the temperature of many organs while also providing a plethora of other benefits.


Studies show that children should play games for physical activity and mental development, but this is no longer the case in today’s environment, thanks to the internet. As a result of the massive digitalization of the world and the ubiquitous availability of the internet in all places, games have joined the online world. Due to the availability of internet games, gamers have created hundreds of millions of games, and physical gameplay has diminished.


We may find a range of games in any common app shop or games store, including fighting games, killing games, drawing games, racing games, and makeup games. Visual memory is extremely beneficial to children, and games can help them visualize things. Games can have a big impact on the brain’s receptors, and they can also lead to gaming addiction.


The most popular boy games and the most popular girl games are not the same. Basketball, cricket, fighting games, and running are among sports that boys are more likely to participate in.

Sports games are the most well-known category in gaming history, and they are certainly the most popular, based on the enormous popularity of online games. Sports games pique the interest of boys more than they do of girls. The following are some of the most well-known sporting events

what are the perfect types of SURVIVAL GAMES :

Survival games are another well-known gaming genre. Survival games, in addition to sports games, are becoming increasingly popular among the younger population. Survival games are a form of addiction for the players.


1. Pubg game

2. Icarus


4. don’t starve

5. The long dark

6.Away: the survival series

7. The forest.

8. rust

9. the war of mine

10.7 days to die

11.no man’s sky

12. raft

13. frost punk

14. state of the decay 2

15. green hell

16. fornite

17.dark wood

18. Rim word

19. dying  light

20. don’t starve together

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What is a perfect Game for females :

When we hear the term “games,” we immediately think of “playing”. Games also means “fun.” But what exactly is a game? A game is defined as any action that gives pleasure to the mind or entertains us. Games are typically associated with children, however they can be enjoyed by children, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly. Since the beginning of time, games have been a source of pleasure and entertainment for the human kopopulation.

Games provide a sense of delight to the mind and body, and they are also good to a person’s mental and physical fitness. Everyone must have fond memories of playing video games as a child. Some games were totally dependent on the player’s imagination, while others were played with toys. Some games have specific rules and regulations that must be followed. Boys enjoy a variety of games, whereas girls like popular games for girls


 Girls have a special affinity for games. Playing with dolls, doll accessories, cat toys, makeup toys, and a variety of other games are popular among younger girls as a result of this.


In any common android market or games retail, we can find all kinds of games such as action games, shooting games, illustration games, driving games, and cosmetic games. Children probably benefit from visual memory, and games can help them visualize things. Games can have a massive effect on the brain’s sensors, while also lead to a person’s gaming addiction.


According to reports, it was advantageous for kids to enjoy games for physical activity and psychological learning, but in today’s modern world, with the extensive globalization of the planet and the widespread accessibility of technology in all domains, games have joined the virtual community. Hacker have generated millions of games, and the physical playing of games has dropped due to the availability of internet games.


Building a game is not even a straightforward thing. It’s a process that encompasses a variety of various applications and design tools. A complete understanding of coding languages and computer systems is needed. When developing a software application, special graphics in a 3d structure requires a significant amount of effort. After that we can enjoy and online game.


 1.Best friends _ free puzzle game.

2. Farmville 2 country escape.

3. angry birds.

4. Lily ‘s garden.

5.cut the. Rope 2.

6. Candy crush Soda saga.

7. Pet rescue saga.

8. Fruit ninja.

9. wonderment.

10. candy crush.

11.uphill rush

12. nail salon manicure girl game.

13. Time princes : dress up.

14..fashionista Maldives.

15. Dress up the lovely princess.

16. Princess weekend activity.

17.pizza real life cooking.

18.mini brain doctor.

19. Anna baby birth.

20.candy girls summer time