Drop in P Pub New State, creator of Puberg Kan Battlefields,PUBG: NEW STATE 2022 the rearmost title from Pub Studio.

Using a variety of munitions and tactics, the 100 survivors will face as long as only one player or platoon stands PUBG: NEW STATE 2022 .

With the Blue Zone still shrinking, players must find munitions, vehicles and usable outfit to gain the upper hand.

In this grand showdown, only the “ strong survivors” will crop.


 ▶ Ultra realistic plates that push the boundaries of mobile gaming

Plates that surpass the standard of mobile gaming with global illumination technology.

Drop into the largely open worlds that feature the most realistic plates available for mobile gaming.

With coming- generation mobile plates, PubG New State delivers the full combat experience directly to players PUBG: NEW STATE 2022.


 ▶ Realistic and dynamic gun play

Enjoy the realistic ganples needed for mobile gaming optimization.

Master different munitions and make each one your own by customizing the armament.


 Survival of the coming generation

Enjoy a variety of tools and features, including drones, combat places and further.

Explore 8 × 8 km of open worlds with the help of multitudinous vehicles.

Use a variety of munitions to swing the battle in your favor to witness a deeper battle.

P PUBG Expanding the macrocosm PUBG: NEW STATE 2022

Set in the near future, times have passed since the original game. In 2051, after the reign of lawlessness, several coalitions disaccorded.

The competition has turned into a ultramodern battleground with state-of-the- art technology that requires survivors to borrow new tactics to survive pubg.


Smartphone access announcement

( Access Authorization Needed)


Storage Access is needed to install and store data for the game.

( Voluntary access warrants)


Microphone Access is needed to use voice converse features in the game.

(How to remove access warrants)

PUBG Android6.0 or advanced

Remove Access Per Point Settings> Operations> Further ( Settings and Controls)> App Settings> App Access> Select Access Permissions> Select Access

Remove Access Per App Settings> Applications> Select App> Select Access Permissions> Select Access

Android5.1.1 or lower

Removing an operation due to operating system limitations is the only way to remove access warrants.

We recommend that you modernize to the Android operating system interpretation.

( Product Information and Terms of Use)

Fresh charges will be levied on the purchase of paid particulars.

Duration and Terms of Use Follow the details given in the game phasmophobia ps4


Payment and Payment Styles Each product follows a separate payment quantum and procedure

( Payment quantum may vary depending on currency exchange rates and should be paid in foreign currency)

Product distribution system Instant distribution in game identification ( character)

Minimal device distribution Android6.0 or advanced,2.5 GB RAM

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