How to play pubg mobile on pc

PUBG game :

How to play pubg mobile on pc
how to play pubg mobile on PC

How to play Pubg mobile on Pc but firdt lets discuss some useful pubg game reviews and its background below:



PUBG KRAFTON, a pubg collaboration, is working on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Brendan Greene created the design.


PUBG game was published for Microsoft Windows on March 23, 2017, however, it was not an official release. It was officially released in September 2017. It’s a game set in South Korea. Which are the most well-known games nowadays. It has a lot of people talking about pubg.

Can I play PUBG mob on PC :

 PUBG was only published for PC, but it has gained a lot of popularity. The makers decided to release a mobile version of the game as well.


After the success of the original pubg version, the mobile version was published later, and it is now more widely used than the older version. The Pubg app is quite large, and the game itself is quite large in terms of structural development.


Graphics is responsible for all online content as well as all graphic features of games, and visual representation plays a significant role in charisma and dislike. Everything in the game is illustrated in great detail. The effect of smart visual design is smooth movements and animations. Because of its beautiful aesthetics,   pubg is a huge hit. There are many graphic components in it, including human figures. attention to every detail, and act promptly.

The graphics in Pubg Battlegrounds are quite smooth. The movement of animation is identical to that of real life. Colors abound in animation. Weaponry is also designed in the same way that real-life weapons are. All of the graphics add to the sense of realism.


The main goal is to kill in order to avoid being attacked by adversaries. The players’ survival is in their own hands, and they must effectively play to kill the adversary. PUBG game  has a total of 100 levels. Each level presents a unique challenge.  It has got a different kinds of enemies. And fighting through these levels players and excitement and energy increases to the next level Each level has its own set of combat. To reach the next level, each level must be successful. Players can play in group as a team or they can also play as the sole party


As PUBG interest is incresing amons gamers so the question arrises can i play PUBG mob on pc? and the answer is simple YES you can play pubg game mob on pc.

The goal of the PUBG game is to kill as many enemies as possible with various weapons like rifles and other weapons. There are also maps depicting other sites where attacks occur, such as schools. The attack consists of a total of 25 squads. Other players are also present. The winning squad is the one that kills the most foes first.


There are various rooms in which various squads compete. Players are not assigned to a team but are chosen at random and grouped into a square, with the victors receiving metal in various categories.

Playing in groups:

When you play pubg game in a team, you can choose your own players, who can be your friends and family members who also play Pubg game. Your group has been assembled.

Playing as a solo :

When you play PUBG game alone the game can team up you with any other 4 persons. In an attack, there are total of 25 different squads.


There are bronze, platinum, and gold medals available in the PUBG game. You must first obtain bronze 1, then bronze 2, 3, and finally bronze 4,5. After the bronze 5 medals, you can move on to platinum 1, and so on until you reach gold 5.


The PUBG game has a very interesting feature. While in the attack, players can use a conference call to instruct their teammates on how to play and make them aware of the adversary. This function not only assists players in fighting, but it also allows them to communicate with their teammates in real-time. Even if you’re playing by yourself with strangers, you can make friends with them. In the pubg room, you can also chat.

Updated version:

PUBGgame  is now updated on a regular basis, and new seasons with new weaponry and hard conflicts are added to the new version.


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