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Free fire game online is a trendy battle royale game that has gained a lot of reputation in the past two years. Garena International is the developer of this action game. This online video game is appreciated for its miscellaneous characters and customization options. Free Fire requires a healthy internet connection. This online game offers a thrilling battle among various players.

Free Fire APK is a fantastic survival shooter game for your smartphone. This is one of the first few games that focus on a puzzling storyline. All the participants face each other on an isolated island. You can play alone or can become a part of a team. You can play and win the Free Fire reward. To win this fantastic game, you just only have to protect yourself from foes and radiation.

 Free Fire APK has won the award for the “Best Popular Vote Game.” This video game has set a record with millions of daily active users globally. This fame is also the result of its excellent features and free fire rewards.

Free fire game How to play?

After the passage of 10 minutes, the game places you on a remote island. There you have to fight with 49 other players. You must survive to the end. The goal of the player is to live in the safe zone for as long as possible. Therefore, the game offers you the option of choosing the starting point with their parachute. Moreover, this online video game offers a lot of tactics for players. 

  • Travel to explore the huge map and avoid fighting.
  • Conceal yourself in the wild.
  • Become invisible with the help of the grass. 

Lurk, snipe, and survive only for the sake of the objective: “Living a legend”.

  • Objective and modes of the game

This action game has a concept based on multiplayer gameplay. This means that the game can only be played with a good internet connection with players from around the world. While playing this action game server, you can choose from two different fantastic modes. 

  • The first one concentrates island-wide along with a free-for-all approach. In this attractive version, 40 participants play against each other to win the game. 
  • The second one is fairly small and makes a group of four participants each. The objective of this fighting game remains unchanged.

Fight together

  • You can build a room to invite your teammates to fight together. The team can be of 4 players. You all can communicate with the help of a voice chat system. Search out your friends and join them in fighting. This action is performed to make your group be the last group to live. If you succeed in fighting you all will become legends and winners of a game.

Death War authorities 

  • 4v4 mode is open twenty-four-seven! Control your funds to hold the crucial armaments and defeat the enemy!
  • Excellent automatic features

Compared to other Android online games, Free Fire APK contains easy-to-use control and excellent features. The main player can attain any of the crawl, squat, and standing positions. This video game has a partially automatic shoot style feature. The target point converts to red. It helps in the discovery of the exact location of your enemy.

  • Safe zones

Free fire APK includes many safe zones. You can relax and prevent further damage from the island’s harmful radiations, in any of the safe zones. The player can stay for just ten minutes. The purpose is to preserve your energy till the end. But as the game proceeds, these zones turn smaller making your success difficult. 

  • Free Fire Rewards

Free Fire holds limited ammunition. You have to purchase arms, bullets, and several other items to get more powers. There are also multiple health packs available as free fire rewards. These rewards help to keep you going till the end of the game. ‘Diamonds’ are also a free fire reward. You can use all these diamonds for purchasing cars.

All the ammunition is simple to use.

  • On-screen compass

You will encounter an on-screen compass while playing. It helps in navigating all moves in this battle game. While driving a vehicle, you cannot shoot your enemy. However, you can kill them by running them over. The visuals appear to be outdated in some sequences. But there is the background score that keeps you hooked.

  • Multiple customization options

Unlike other mobile battle games, this one includes multiple customization options. The character customizations make the game fascinating at every step. Most of the characters are not like usual human beings. While some of them even contain pets or certain other accessories. You can use Free Fire rewards such as diamond, to improve and customize avatars.

Nombres para free fire

If you are thinking of starting to play Garena free fire, you must choose your nickname. The name is the one, through which all other players across the world can identify you. If many people know your name you are no less than a celebrity. You can also change the Nombres of free fire. There are many Nombres para free fire. Nombres are selected by people across the globe, according to their will. You need 380 diamonds, free fire rewards, for changing the numbers of free fire. ( nombres para are Spanish words. Nombres mean name and para mean for).

Sorry to say, but this game has not come across as a serious battle game. It rather focuses on fun and has cartoonish appearance characters. The feature to change armaments enlarges health meters, and drive vehicles to come with weird graphics.

The Free Fire development team organizes special events, promotions, and deals for this game.


This online video game has fans and followers from all around the world. Overall, this action game is the best source of pleasure. It keeps you occupied for many hours in one go. Do you want to enjoy this battle game with excellent features? If right, do not waste your time and instantly download Free fire APK from the given link.


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