Games have long been a source of enjoyment and entertainment for the human community since the very early era. It would not be wrong to suggest that games are the entryway to enjoyment for people of all ages, not just children. People used to play physical games like hiding and seek, rabbit search when they were younger.

Games have a significant impact on children’s mental and physical wellbeing. Participating in physical games might boost your blood flow Circulation controls the temperature of several organs and many other countless benefits.


According to studies, it is was good for children to play games for physical activity and mental learning but in modern times with the vast digitalization of the globe and availability of the internet in every area,  games have also joined the online world. Hundreds of millions of games have been created by gamer and the physical playing of games have greater reduce due to availability of online games.


We can find a range of games such as fighting games, killing games, drawing games, racing games, and makeup games in any common AppStore or games store. Visual memory helps children learn a lot, and games can help them visualize things. Games can have a real impact on the brain’s sensors, and they can also lead to a person’s addiction to gaming. (103)

TOP 15 GAMES OF 2021:

According to an American research company the top 15 top-rated games of the year 2021 are listed as :

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

2. Borderland games

3. Mortal Kombat

4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Electronic Arts.

5. Super smash bros

6. NBA 2K20.2K sports

7. Kingdom Hearts III. Square Enix.

8. limbo demo

9. death city zombie game

10. Kindom hearts III

11. Bravely Default II

12. Returnal

13. Miitopia

14.Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

15. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin


It has not been an easy effort to create a game. It’s a procedure that involves a variety of applications and development tools. It is necessary to have a strong understanding of computer languages and coding systems. Special animation in 3d structure necessitates a lot of effort when creating a gaming program.


Animation is the most important aspect of an online game, and a successful game is entirely dependent on it. With a solid animation, gamers may completely enjoy the game and get a sense of realism. Animation can be 2D or 3D, but both are difficult to achieve, and a good animation necessitates the use of high-tech software. Because of their high-quality animations, the majority of the best games of 2021 or forthcoming games are already ranked on the games store.

zombie invasion



 This top-rated 2021 game is set in a deserted city. Everything was safe and secure. A city where everyone lived happily ever after before it was attacked by zombies. Zombies are dead, ugly creatures on the quest for human blood, and the player must kill all zombies in order to survive and win the game.


Video content and all visual features of games are usually handled by graphics, and visualization is a vital factor in likeness and dislike. The graphics of the Dead City  Zombies invasion are fantastic, with warriors, several types of zombies, houses, forests, maps, weapons, and cars, and many other things. All of the very fantastic graphics keep the player in a constant state of play. Graphics of dead city are spectacular and gives a vibe of reality and the player feels himself in a real dead city.


If you’re in a zombie game, Dead City has various levels to choose from, each with its unique set of obstacles. Every task must be completed before moving on to the next level. It’s mostly about surviving on the road. Killing zombies with your weapon as you go through roads, forests, and other locales. You can also obtain weapon parts by participating in these battles. The initial level of a game is crucial for players since it allows them to gain energy and better weapons. And if you enjoy the first level, you won’t be able to stop yourself from moving on to the next. Fighting zombies can be quite appealing and entertaining. It can lead to addiction as well as a sense of accomplishment from conserving money Obtaining weapon components motivates the player to fight with greater vigor and excitement, while also expanding their weapon collection. You can have a chance of passing a level after crossing it. It enables players to kill more and more zombies with ease.


 In a zombie-infested city, where zombies prowl the streets looking for human blood. Players will not be able to survive together. Players can have two partners to fight and kill various nasty undead. Companions can be whomever they want. They aid the player with surviving on the road and surviving a zombie attack. Zombies can kill players’ partners, however, they can be revived with bonuses. Not only can players enter the road survival with their companion with extra energy and points if they have lost their first life. At any given time, a player can only have two companions; having more than two is not permitted. Players can even use the weapons of their buddies.


Another fantastic feature provided by the game developers is that players may purchase a variety of equipment and extra accessories with real money. They must pay the gaming crew to enable various gadgets in order to do so. The deal City of Zombie is offering a variety of deals for players so that they may enjoy playing at a low cost while also having the option to obtain various gadgets.

Versions that have been updated:

The developers of Dead City Zombie Invasions have now released new update versions of the game, including Dead City2 and Dead City Zombie Invasion 3. These offer a more enjoyable feature as well as more levels with thrilling difficulties and various types of zombies.



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